Why do you need a SIP calculator?

Why do you need a SIP calculator?

The contemporary investor has a wide range of possibilities from which to pick. The quantity of investment strategies accessible on the market is incomparable. Is this, however, a good or negative thing? Well, we think that’s positive since it shows that there is an investment scheme to suit practically everyone’s investing goals. 

Those who lack investing understanding or are uninterested in financial planning, on the other hand, may get confused and unable to select which program to invest in. That’s why many financial advisors start by asking clients to compile a list of their short- and long-term financial objectives.

What is a SIP calculator and how does it work?

SIP investing in mutual funds is becoming increasingly popular among retail investors, and it is also becoming increasingly popular among youthful investors. A mutual fund SIP calculator’s function is to provide the investor with a projected number or return value for their mutual fund investments over time. 

People should keep in mind, however, that the return figure displayed by a SIP calculator may differ from the real returns delivered by the mutual fund plan in which they have invested.

What is a SIP calculator and how does it work?

To further understand how a SIP calculator works, consider the following scenario. But first, let’s go over the formula that a SIP calculator uses to determine expected returns:

PR = P* (R* (1+i) n – 1) * (1+i) I 

PR stands for Potential Returns.

I = compound interest return rate P = SIP amount P = SIP amount P = SIP amount P = SIP amount P = SIP

This formula may appear to be complicated, but a SIP calculator uses four simple steps to determine your future returns:

  • What is the size of your investment?
  • How long do you intend to invest in mutual funds under a systematic investment plan (SIP)?
  • The number of SIPs that have previously been paid (if any).
  • What interest rate do you anticipate from the mutual fund scheme?

The advantages of employing a SIP calculator 

Some of the reasons why investors should use a SIP calculator before investing in mutual funds are as follows:

  • User-friendly interface

SIP calculators are available from all fund firms and are quite simple to use. Only a few data are required for the calculator to assist you in determining how much capital gains you may be able to make from your assets.

  • It aids in financial planning.

Anyone may use the SIP calculator to get started investing in mutual funds quickly and easily. Although the outcomes may differ from real returns, they may aid investors in making an educated investment decision. Once the calculator has calculated the future returns, it doesn’t take long.


Do you intend to invest in mutual funds now that you’ve learned about the advantages of using a SIP calculator? After you’ve finished using the SIP calculator, make sure you conduct some research on the mutual fund you want to invest in. After all, you are giving your hard-earned money to a fund house. If you want further assistance with financial planning, seek the advice of a financial expert.

Note: The SIP calculator is a representation of prospective returns; nevertheless, investors should be aware that the performance depicted by the SIP calculator may or may not be fulfilled by any given Mutual Fund Scheme, and actual results may vary depending on market circumstances.

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