RBI’S Account Aggregator Guidelines

RBI’s Account Aggregator Guidelines: A Comprehensive Guide of ensuring Financial Control

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has introduced an Account Aggregator (AA) framework that enables customers to access their financial information digitally and securely from one regulated financial institution to another within the AA network. An account aggregator, classified as a Non-Banking Financial Company under the regulation of the RBI, acts as a licensed intermediary between financial information users (FIUs) such as lending agencies or wealth management companies and financial information providers (FIPs) such as banks and other financial institutions. The user authorizes the AA to collect and consolidate their financial information from various FIPs and share it with FIUs as per their permission. The AA network offers several advantages like convenience, greater control and transparency, a single dashboard for managing financial portfolios, security, and avoiding repeated KYC processes. The rbi account aggregator guidelines promote customer convenience and financial inclusion while maintaining a robust security framework. The AA framework is based on explicit customer consent and secure data sharing, with customers having complete control over their financial information. 

 What are the guidelines framed by RBI? 


Obtaining Explicit Consent From Customers

The rbi account aggregator guidelines emphasize the importance of customer consent in providing services by an Account Aggregator. As per these guidelines, an AA is only authorized to offer services to customers once they have explicitly consented to the sharing and aggregating of their financial data. It is mandatory for the AA to obtain the customer’s consent for each particular financial transaction or service, thereby ensuring transparency and accountability in the entire process.  

Legally Binding Agreements To Safeguard Customer Data And FIPs 

The guidelines set by the RBI’s Account Aggregator framework state that the Account Aggregator must have proper agreements with the customer and Financial Information Providers (FIPs) before accessing any data. These agreements should be legally binding and include terms and conditions related to data privacy and security. This safeguards the customers’ data and prevents any risks to the FIPs while sharing information with the Account Aggregator. Moreover, the agreements should outline the services the Account Aggregator will provide the customer based on their explicit consent. 

Ensuring Confidentiality and Trustworthiness in Financial Data Handling 

The rbi account aggregator guidelines are quite clear in their approach. As per these guidelines, an account aggregator is not allowed to participate in any other business activities apart from its main role as an account aggregator. However, the framework allows account aggregators to invest surplus funds in non-trading instruments. The RBI has carefully crafted these guidelines to safeguard the confidentiality of financial information that account aggregators handle on behalf of their customers. Account aggregators can build customer trust and maintain a robust and secure data ecosystem by adhering to these rules. In conclusion, the RBI’s account aggregator guidelines outline a clear roadmap for entities operating in this space, and all stakeholders must follow them diligently. 

 Ensuring Customer Protection 

The RBI’s Account Aggregator framework mandates that every Account Aggregator must have a Citizen’s Charter that clearly outlines the customer’s rights and offers protection. The Charter should be easily accessible and provide information on services, terms, conditions, and the customer’s rights and responsibilities. Additionally, the framework prohibits Account Aggregators from sharing a customer’s information without explicit consent to ensure the security of their financial data. By implementing a Citizen’s Charter and adhering to strict rbi account aggregator guidelines on data privacy and security, Account Aggregators can establish trust with their customers and ensure responsible data handling. Upholding these standards is crucial for Account Aggregators. 

Ensuring Data Privacy 

As per these guidelines, access to user authentication credentials by these entities is strictly prohibited. This is a crucial step taken by the rbi account aggregator to ensure that the confidentiality and privacy of a customer’s financial data remain intact. Account Aggregators cannot obtain login information or passwords related to the customer’s financial accounts with information providers. The Account Aggregator framework underscores the significance of data privacy and security. The guidelines mandate that Account Aggregators adhere to strict protocols to maintain the sanctity of the data ecosystem. The RBI has taken a proactive approach to safeguarding customer data by prioritizing the implementation of these directives. The regulatory body’s focus on maintaining data privacy and security is evident in the robustness of the guidelines for Account Aggregators to follow. 

Upholding the Integrity of Customer Data 

The Reserve Bank of India’s rules for Account Aggregators are straightforward. These regulations forbid them from engaging in business activities other than account aggregation. This guarantees that they remain devoted to their primary function and do not compromise the security and confidentiality of customer data. Nevertheless, the framework allows Account Aggregators to invest their excess funds in non-trading instruments. By following these guidelines, account aggregators can establish trust with their clients and maintain a secure data environment. The RBI created these guidelines to protect the privacy and confidentiality of financial data that Account Aggregators manage on their customers’ behalf. All stakeholders in the industry must adhere to these regulations to maintain their clients’ continuing trust and assurance. 

Ensuring Accuracy and Integrity

The rbi account aggregator guidelines are very clear. If any discrepancies are found between the financial information provided by an Account Aggregator and that recorded by the Financial Information Provider, the latter will be considered accurate. This rule has ensured that financial data is always maintained with integrity and accuracy. Account Aggregators need to keep the trust of their customers by providing reliable and accurate information. Although Account Aggregators have an essential role in consolidating a customer’s financial data, they should maintain the accuracy and reliability of this information. By following this guideline, Account Aggregators can build customer trust and confidence.


Anumati is a financial data-sharing platform that enables individuals to securely share their financial data with authorized financial institutions. The platform is owned and operated by Perfios Account Aggregation Services Pvt Ltd, a licensed Non-Banking Financial Company-Account Aggregator (NBFC-AA) regulated by the Reserve Bank of India. It prioritizes data privacy and security. The platform does not access or store user data, ensuring that personal information is kept confidential and secure. This aspect is especially crucial for users who prefer to keep their financial information private. 

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