Laptoptas Buying Guide – 10 Factors You Must Consider While Buying A Laptoptas

Laptoptas Buying Guide – 10 Factors You Must Consider While Buying A Laptoptas


Every office goer needs a laptoptas in order to commute to the office in the most hassle-free way. In recent years, this number has been increasing at a very high pace as many companies have begun to offer laptops to their employees for work-from-home tasks. Fixed laptops only serve as a limitation for most companies nowadays due to the growing work culture and responsibilities. 


According to a recent survey, it was found that over 75 percent of employees across the globe prefer working on a laptop unless their job demands high-tech computer equipment best-suited for desktops. So, having a nice laptoptas is certainly a go-to necessity for most office goers out there. 


When anyone refers to the best laptoptas, a number of considerable factors come to mind. From the functionality of the laptoptas to its design, color, or even pricing. In the below-mentioned guide, we have put together a few important factors that you must consider to buy the best laptoptas, both for men and women, with an emphasis on functionality over everything else.


Best Laptoptas – Factors To Consider 

Below, we have shared a list of 10 factors that you must consider to buy the best laptoptas. They are as follows:


  1. Laptop Compatibility

You need to purchase a laptoptas in which your laptop bag will fit in with ease. You can begin your buying spree by searching for the laptop bag sizes that will be suitable to hold your laptop. Make sure that the laptop bag you are planning to purchase will fit in all your laptop accessories apart from the laptop, along with a few more things. We would recommend you pick a laptoptas size that is above 15.6 inches for utmost convenience while commuting.


  1. Number Of Compartments

Most decent laptop bags offer the main compartment and a side compartment usually. While the main compartment of the laptoptas is going to house the laptop, wallet, charger, and a few more items, the side compartment is going to fit in earphones, books, and a hand towel with ease. Additionally, you should also prefer a laptop bag that offers a quick access zipper on the bag’s exterior for keeping your travel pass, cards, and change money.


  1. Suitable For Travel Essentials Or Not

Are you someone who likes to carry a lot of stuff while travelling? Then, you need to pick a laptoptas that offers enough space for a wallet, a charger, an earphone, a tiffin, a hand towel, and a few other essentials. While some laptop bags look great in images, more often than not they come with sleek designs. Once you get them, you end up realizing that they don’t fit all your essentials with ease. Hence, you end up buying a tote bag or just investing in another backpack to carry the laptop. Eventually, you will end up discarding that sleek laptop bag because of its uselessness. This is why we would recommend you go for a laptop bag that offers a 2.5-inch width at least.


  1. Type Of Handle

An ideal laptop bag should either come with a detachable shoulder strap or the main handle. This kind of shoulder strap and handle gives you great flexibility. The short handle of the laptoptas can be used when you just want to carry the laptop for a short distance such as keeping it in the car or cab. The shoulder strap can be used for carrying the laptop in case of longer trips. 


  1. Waterproof Or Water Resistant

People have to go to work every single day. However, during the monsoon season, things often get out of hand. Having waterproof or water-resistant laptops has the same role to play as a raincoat does. Most of the times customer choose this kind of bag even if it’s dull and black. Water-resistant laptop bags are more common than waterproof ones. As a result, they can prevent water from seeping into the bag for a while, but long-term exposure to rain can cause water to seep in. If it is mildly raining, you should carry your water-resistant bag and umbrella. Therefore, you need to invest in a water-resistant bag that can save it from enough damage. 


  1. Laptop Compartment Paddling

To ensure the safety of your laptop, you should ensure the compartment is adequately padded. Generally, foam padding is the most durable and strongest, and its thickness determines its durability. You can protect your laptop from any damage with any padding that is above 1 inch.


  1. Back Or Shoulder

Bags are sometimes carried on the shoulder or on the side by some people. The weight is evenly distributed by wearing it crossbody. In the metro or local trains, others prefer to wear it on their backs. The laptop bag or laptop backpack you choose will depend on that.


  1. How Durable Is It

Laptops and other daily use items will be carried in your bag. Therefore, the bag must be made of materials that are durable and not easily damaged. It is generally believed that bags made from thick fabrics like nylon, jute khadi, vegan leather, or any other thick fabric, last longer and hold up to 5 kg of weight.


  1. How Much Care It Needs

There should be no difficulty maintaining the laptop bag. Use a cloth to clean the bag if it can be cleaned that way. In contact with water, genuine leather bags get ruined very easily. Wet cloths can be used to clean fabric bags and make them easier to maintain.


  1. Shoulder Paddling

Since the bag will be carried for a longer period, you must ensure its shoulder padding is thick and the straps are strong. During the padding process, also make sure the shoulder straps that are stitched to the bag’s body are strong.


Apart from these 10 factors, there are many other factors that you would personally feel apply to your situation or usage requirements. In most cases, one thing that consistency holds true is that the laptoptas color and design should match with your office or work apparel, and should not be something funky or eye-catchy. Check out more about laptoptas from the best laptoptas bag seller online here.  

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