IPL 2022 had its official kick-off on 26th March. The season finale is on 29th May 2022. The whole two months of IPL will be a festival for cricket lovers worldwide. Both domestic and international players worldwide will participate in this league tournament to lift the title. 

This has prompted the country’s online betting cricket portals to make the most out of this tournament. They plan to pull a maximum number of people to place bets on their websites. Most of these betting sports websites provide exciting offers to place the bets. 

This will pique the interest of people in placing bets on these games. However, impulsively placing bets is not advisable as it could result in a loss of money. You must clearly understand the game and various other factors before placing bets to avoid this. 

This is where the significance of familiarizing yourself with the latest changes in the tournament arises. These changes might have a direct impact on the outcome of a match. Being ignorant about it will result in placing bets incorrectly and losing the money. So, let us look into significant changes in IPL 2022 that will impact online cricket betting.

The changes in IPL 2022 can be broadly classified into two categories:

1. Rule changes, team Changes

  • Both these changes will impact the game and tournament outcomes. So, the online cricket betting strategy has to be redefined based on these rules. Let us look in detail at these changes.

2. Rule changes:

The table below shows the significant rule changes in the IPL 2022 season.

Rule on Details
Match Rescheduling
  • Reschedule game if playing 11 is not available to field
  • If rescheduling is not possible, the technical committee takes a final decision
  • Teams can use eight DRS reviews 
Catch Out Dismissal
  • New batman should take strike in case of a catch out dismissal
Run Out Dismissal
  • Mankanding is a legal way of dismissing a batsman
Tie Breaker
  • If super over is not breaking the tie, the team with more points will be the winner


Let’s look into each of these individual points in detail and understand their impact on the betting strategy.

Match Rescheduling:

This change in the rule is an aftereffect of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many matches had to be abandoned due to this. There has been a lack of clarity if these matches will be rescheduled or canceled. 

This time, the IPL committee has come forward with clear instructions on how to tackle this issue. If any of the teams do not have 11 players and a substitute fielder, then:

  • The game will be rescheduled.
  • If rescheduling is not possible, the technical committee will take the final decision.
  • This clear-cut instruction makes it easier for a person to decide while placing a bet. 
  • If there is a chance of the match getting rescheduled, the bet can be re-looked into. This gives better control while deciding on online betting.


  • For this IPL, eight DRS reviews are available for one match. Two while batting and two while fielding for each time. This provides better control for players in case of unfair decisions. 
  • Bettors will blame the tournament if they lose their money over a wrong umpiring decision. However, an increase in reviews gives all betting sports a better chance against unfair choices.

Catch Out Dismissal:

  • The new player down the line has to take the striker’s end in case of a catch-out dismissal. Therefore, the impact of this new rule will be felt mainly in the final overs of a tight match. 
  • If a batter is caught out in the game’s last over, the new player has to take the strike down the line. This will impact the total number of runs scored in that over. So, the bet has to be changed or withdrawn in this scenario.

Run-Out Dismissal:

  • This is also called Mankading. If a player leaves the crease before the bowler bowls, the bowler can run him out. 
  • This new rule will help the online bettors profile the players and place the bets, allowing people to think about the player’s nature before bidding.

Tie Breaker:

  • This rule suggests that if the super over is not yielding the results, the team with more points will win the match. This will help decide whether to change the bids based on the game’s progression.

Team Changes:

  • There will be team-related changes in every season of the IPL. The same is the case with IPL 2022. Therefore, study the team structure carefully before placing the bets. This helps in maximizing the chances of winning the bids.
  • These changes in IPL 2022 season will impact online cricket betting. Bids should be placed considering these changes to increase the chances of winning. Let us look forward to having an exciting season with no hindrances.

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