How REBT Therapy helps in Anger Management

Many suffer from stress and carry emotional baggage from the past. And sudden changes in situations or their surroundings make them react very poorly. These issues sometimes affect their health, personal, and public life. 

If someone is suffering from anger issues and needs to learn the techniques to manage those feelings, rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT) is the best option. REBT is best for those willing to engage face to face with the therapist and who can put a little bit of time aside from their busy schedule to work out these issues.

People are really under a lot of stress because of the virus outbreak. Several businesses have collapsed, shops, hotels, and restaurants are running at a loss. 

People working in every sector are under a lot of stress, and they need some support and comfort. Anger is an emotion that causes immediate consequences; unlike other emotions, it cannot be hidden well and is explosive in nature.

REBT is one of the popular therapies people love to follow because it has a hundred percent effect on improving people’s life. This therapy helps a person control emotions and use them for their benefit. The treatment will slowly help a person become resistant to sudden emotional bursts and reactions.

A certified anger management therapist will engage in several sessions with you to improve your current situation and develop a better response to situations that make you angry.

The main concept of REBT therapy

This therapy focuses on controlling thoughts, behaviors, and emotions as they are connected (affects/triggers each other). The main principle says that what you think all the time makes you feel in a certain way. 

Another premise of rational emotive behavior therapy is that, whatever your beliefs are, they affect you in many ways. Even though you may not strictly follow that belief, the idea of the belief is enough to make you feel a certain way.

Whatever you do, you must do it in a positive manner. REBT helps many people recover from anger issues, and they are likely to stay put for the rest of their life.

What are the issues that REBT can solve?

Though anger is a necessary emotion, it can cause trouble if misplaced. People suffering from anger issues will always face embarrassment and outbreaks in public and personal life, making it difficult for everyone. 

REBT is a proper way in which you can control that anger and motivate yourself to achieve calmness and serene. It is all about channeling your emotions to your advantage.

There are several disorders that REBT can treat:

  • Depression
  • Oppositional defiant disorder
  • Paranoid personality disorder
  • Intermittent explosive disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder

These ailments involve anger and irrational belief. This is why REBT is great at treating disorders, as it is training to control one’s emotions and stand firm in times of stress and calamity.

Common REBT methods to treat anger:

Cognitive techniques

  • Disputing
  • Rational coping statements
  • Modeling
  • Referencing

Emotive methods

  • Humor
  • Unconditional approval by the counselor.
  • Assertive coping statements
  • Rational emotive imagery

Behavioral techniques

  • Paradoxical homework
  • In Vivo desensitization

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy or REBT is the best therapy for anger management. It will not just make the person comfortable with their emotions; it also helps to channel those emotions into doing more productive work. REBT is and will remain the best therapy for treating anger issues.


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