Can Be Used By Everyone

Привнот Can Be Used By Everyone

Communication is the most vital aspect of living as humans and animals need to communicate with their peers. Communication is the key to information and knowledge about many things we need to stay alive and keep working. In the modern world, we can communicate through text messages or voice/video calls. But this communication must be safe from the public eye as it is not taking place in person. Привнот is a texting service that lets its users communicate with other privately and maintain the confidentiality of their conversation. 

Every living being has a different way, form, or language of communication. Humans have created multiple languages to communicate with each other and each language is spoken in a particular part of the world. People from different regions can’t understand the language of another. One needs to learn the official language of that region to speak with the natives. These languages have been spoken by people for more than a thousand years. 


One could communicate with others only in person by using the language, but long-distance communication was difficult. As you can’t speak with a person living somewhere else without a device or gadget. Letters and telegrams helped in the earlier days but were not very immediate. Later telephones were invented and turned out to be a huge success but still, people had to face a few difficulties. As people were not able to afford the telephones and their bills. Also, the operators were not able to install the telephone lines everywhere and they were harmful to nature too. 


There were no telephone lines that could reach remote areas; hence people living in rural places could not own a telephone. But around the 80s, almost everybody owned it due to the urgency of conveying the message in time. Telephones were very successful and were sold in tons until mobile phones were invented. Mobile phones crashed the market in the late 90s and around the early 2000s many people had already bought a mobile phone. It became an even more successful invention compared to telephones as it had more advantages compared to telephones. 


Mobile phones were handy, they did not require a constant wire connection and you could carry them wherever you want. One could use a mobile phone outside of their home to call other people and you could also leave a text message on their mobile phone. Also, everybody owned their mobile phone while the telephone was shared among the whole family. Mobile phones provided more privacy compared to telephones. You can also surf the internet on a mobile phone, which is unavailable on a telephone. 


Exchanging text messages became a trend among youngsters in the late 2010s and is still being carried out on different platforms. Since the internet became mainstream, people started using social media apps to text each other as it is more fun and convenient. But texting on various online platforms raised the issue of privacy. People wanted their texts to be encrypted and safe from the public eye. The publicity of somebody’s private text messages can raise various problems as it is against the policy of the right to privacy. 


People must have the right to share as much as they want to and their privacy should not be violated by others for any reason. Private messaging creates a border between work and personal lives. Many people have fallen for online scams under private messaging. As they have received links to private messaging on multiple online communication platforms. These links can be illegal and used to retrieve people’s confidential information through mobile phones. Once you click on these links and log into their fake apps, the people operating this service can hack into your social media platforms. 


What Is The Purpose Of Привнот? 


To keep people safe from these online frauds and scams, Привнот is created so people can exchange text messages safely and privately. It is a web-based service that can be used by anybody and does not charge any money for the service. It also does not require the user to register or enter a password to use. If you need to send a very secret and confidential message to somebody, can use this online service. It is encrypted and the security is so tight that nobody can hack into its system. It is not complicated to use at all and you can contact the service directly at their email address if you face any difficulty. 


The message will be deleted, automatically once it is read. Hence you don’t need to worry about the message leaking publically. It is a legitimate and genuine service created to serve people everywhere. This service was launched in the year 2008. It has always focused on encrypting messages and is dedicated to providing the best customer service ever. The main motive of this website is to promote genuine and online communication. It wants to make sure its users feel comfortable and safe while exchanging confidential and private texts through this service. 


This service is working continuously for 24 hours, so you can exchange text messages whenever you want. It is a very supportive website and makes sure to solve all the issues of its users. The service is completely anonymous for safety and privacy reasons. Multiple fake websites are pretending to be this service, but you must not fall for it. Before using any website make sure it is an authentic website and not a fake one. Only one website exists with this name. 


How To Use Привнот? 


Привнот is very easy to use and a person with basic computer knowledge can easily use this service without any confusion. You need to type a text message on this website and will receive an instant link to the created message. You need to copy that link to the direct message service and send it to the person you want to. The receiver needs to click on that link to read the message. Once they read the message it will disappear instantly. 

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