Billigste Mobilabonnement – Cheapest Mobile Plan in Norway

The use of a mobile device has become a must-have, especially for the use of communication. It has allowed us to communicate with different people from different works of life no matter the distance. Certain things such as mobile subscriptions make easy communication possible. This allows us to interact online without our physical presence.

When we move from one location to another, especially when it involves leaving our country for another, we should still be able to communicate from any part of the world we find ourselves. To be able to do that, we need to configure our phones to fit the country’s specifications. Although that is a normal thing to do,but what about subscriptions?

This article will be a guide on how to select the cheapest and also the best mobile plan in Norway. But first you’ll need to know their mobile operators.  Although, the mobile market hereis mostly dominated by two to three companies, they’re sure not the best bet when you are seeking a subscription plan that will not cost you much. Let’s look at more details on the subject matter.

Norway Mobile Operators

Just as there are operators who dominate the mobile market in Norway, there are also the upcoming ones who try to gain ground in the market. They use different methods such as efficiency, flexibility of their subscription plans, and low pricing to get their customers and keep them satisfied. They alsoprovide offers such as free messages, international calls, and the best part is they don’t have a binding agreement.

This gives the customers the power to cancel any subscription at any time. These are what subscribers look out as it allows them to save some extra cash. All these services by these upcoming providers, enable them to get more attention and also build capacity.

However, you don’t need to get carried away by these offersbecause just like other utility services, mobile phone subscriptions are not contracts that last forever. That is, one could easily switch from one network provider to another when you no longer get the satisfaction you got at the initial stage. So,one should carefully make a good choice at first to avoid switching from one to another.

Mobile Plan Types

Two types of mobile plans is used in Norway. These types seem to be the cheapest plan you can use. Although cheap, there is one that is most preferable for every individual. The most preferable must be convenient and less costly.


This is otherwise known as the prepaid plan or pay-as-you-go. It is mostly used by consumers who are citizens of the country or those whose stay is extended. This is because it provides a fast way to connect with friends, family, and others online. One advantage of this plan is that it is the amount you recharge you use. That means you do not need to recharge excess amount.

Once the amount recharged is exhausted, communication is put on pause until another recharge is done. All that is needed to get things working with this plan is you purchase a sim card, insert it into your phone and start using it. That is, provided your phone has been configured to fit your present location.

Post Paid Plan

This plan works to your advantage when you have an agreementwith a service provider of your choice.  This allows you to enjoy different packages and pay once the month ends. This contract comes with several interesting products, but first, you must have an ID number which is a requirement to have access to a subscription on your mobile phone.

The mobile plan comes with a contract between you and the network provider which gives you access to an uninterrupted package that will be paid for at the end of the month. Although the monthly fee varies depending on the provider, that should not be an issue as long as it meets your needs. A lot of these providers offer flexible plans that can be adjusted to meet your desired needs.

There are certain things to also consider when choosing the cheapest subscription apart from the type of mobile plan. These include saving some money and enjoying top-notch excellence at the same time. These things are what make it the best and also affordable.

Characteristics of a Cheap Mobile Plan

We’ve discussed the mobile operators and the types of mobile plans in Norway. Now it’s time to guide you on how to select the cheapest of the lot. As we said, there are many plans you can choose from. Even though you are looking for a cheap plan, the subscription you choose must have the following characteristics:

No Unnecessary Commitments

Not being committed or bound by any form of contract makes it easy for individuals whose visits are short-term. It enables them to find the ones that suit their financial budget and needs. Visit to learn more about cheap mobile subscriptions. They can easily make changes once they find a better offer in the future.

High Gigabyte Plan

Whether you are hiking or moving through the mountains, it’s important to have unlimited access to the internet on your mobile device. Therefore, you must ensure that the sim you are using provides an EU roaming capability. Also, it should offer a high gigabyte limit that should meet the consumer’s needs when traveling through the country without the availability of WI-FI.

Good Coverage

The network provider should have a strong network coverage no matter the area the subscriber is in. This coverage includes a higher gigabyte plan to ensure that one stays connected all through their stay. If the subscription plan works in some selected areas, then it should be considered inefficient.

Getting Your Sim Card

Getting the cheapest mobile subscription also involves getting the best sim card. How do you know which SIM card will work best for you as a first-time visitor? There are certain things to note when purchasing a SIM card.

SIM Card Compatibility 

The SIM card you purchase must be able to work effectivelywith your device. Although most phones are usually compatible with most networks, it is important to double-check. Ensure that both the device and the sim work hand in hand so as not to end up being stranded.

Customer Support

Buying a customer-friendly SIM should be something to take note of. Research the customer support of the sim card you intend to purchase. This is important in case an issue occurs or you need assistance with its functionality.

Privacy of One’s Data

You need to understand the data privacy policy of the network provider especially when they’re concerned about how theirpersonal information is being handled. Therefore, if the privacy policy is not secured, it is advisable to opt out. This is to avoid illegal access and fraud.

Activation Process

After purchasing a SIM, one should be able to activate it for optimal use immediately. It shouldn’t take undue process and time. Ensure that the card can be activated in a nearby shop or online. Also, the steps to do it should not be tiring or overbearing.

Data Speed

Every sim card you buy has its data plans which the provider offers. Some of these plans have certain limitations that affect the data speed. As a result, your internet experience will be affected as you won’t be able to enjoy maximum use of your subscription.

Network Coverage

Some network providers may have limited coverage. Therefore, check the network coverage of the area you are particularly visiting so as not to be stranded. Ensure that the network provider covers a wide range of areas so that no matter where you visit, you’d be able to communicate with whoever you choose.


Going for the cheapest mobile plan means buying the best sim card that offers unlimited packages that suit your budget and your priorities while staying in Norway. This article has revealed important information to take note of as a citizen or as a visitorwhen it comes to mobile plans. Happy communication!

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