8 Paddleboarding Tips During Autumn

Winter seasons are not ideal for many sporting activities, especially in the watersport, because the temperatures can be extremely vigilant. Paddling is an exciting activity but is greatly affected by the cold weather. 

However, if you love paddleboarding, climate should be the least of your worries. Many paddlers have realized that not every day is a sunny day and have learned to live with it. With years of experience, we have compiled a list of tips to follow, assuring your safety measures are met and, at the same time, maximizing your fun moments.

Winter Paddleboarding Tips

  1. Stay Close to Shores

Stick to this rule no matter how good you are with paddling. Remember that the water during the fall is frigid, and swimming in frozen water should be the last thing you would wish for.

Assuming that you are a good swimmer, always keep a distance of at least 15 feet from the shore. Considering the distance you can paddle is also vital to your survival.

Have you heard of hypothermia? Hypothermia has claimed many lives in the beach sport and should be why the rule should never be ignored.

  1. Have a Companion

Fall paddleboarding is mostly fun due to the decreased number of people visiting the beaches. However, it is a red alert when viewed as a safety issue. Imagine a situation where you accidentally fall in the freezing water and are all alone to make it worse. Either way, be less assured to enjoy more if you partner up.

Tell someone where you are headed and when you will be back. It would help if you also carried a phone with you for emergencies.

  1. Check the Weather Forecast

Weather can be pretty unpredictable in the winter period. Paddleboarding with strong winds may be a challenging attempt, and we recommend you save it for another day.

If you feel like it’s necessary to do paddleboarding during extreme conditions, identify the direction of wind flow to conserve some energy.

  1. Dress for the Weather

When preparing for winter paddling, do not dress in normal beach wear. The air temperatures in the fall are usually shallow, so be equipped with proper watersport apparel.

Safety measures should also be on your radar. Wear a wet suit to trap water between your skin and the suit, maintaining the body temperature in case of a drop-off.

If you paddle near the sores and are likely to stay safe from dropping, a dry suit will serve you better.

  1. Pack a Warm-up Kit

There is a 60% chance of dropping in the cold water when paddling. Given that the temperatures during the season are shallow, wise up and pack an extra pack of warm clothes, thus ensuring a comfortable return to your house.

  1. Eat and Drink Up

This might seem like a joke until you try paddleboarding with an empty stomach. You will need a lot of energy to keep you moving.

We have had many tales where paddlers have been stuck in the water due to exhaustion. It would be best to eat a lot of fat to keep you warm and strong.

You also need to hydrate your body with warm water and pack some for later.

  1. Wear Your PFD

PDFs are there for your protection and should lead on your checklist of what you will need. Many believe that having the PFDs on their paddleboards is more than enough, forgetting that there will be no time to wear them on if anything happens. This has claimed many lives, and yours should not be on the line either.

Ideally, you may consider purchasing or hiring a fully furnished paddleboard to save quality time. At Cotswold Outdoor, you will find the best sporting advice and be less assured we will get you the best paddleboard.

  1. Carry a Flashlight

You know what happens when fun kicks in. The chances of losing track of time are high. Time also moves faster during autumn, and darkness beats over the light more quickly. To be on the safer side, carry a flashlight to see where you are headed and make yourself visible by boats.

Paddling is an all-year sporting activity and should not be limited by cooler climates. The tips should get you prepared for the freezing temperatures. Happy winter paddleboarding! 

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